Summer Farm Trainee Program

April – October 2024 

Apply at the HFC office at the Disability Action Center in Fairmont. 

The RURAL Farm Trainee Program provides job training and employment to individuals with disabilities who would like to work outdoors in agricultural trades. Trainees receive a daily stipend to support their work on the farm. Transportation from the Disability Action Center in Fairmont is provided once per week. Acceptance into programs is based on need, interest, ability to work outdoors in a farm environment, and potential to work on a team. Applicants must be physically fit and able to safely work in hot, humid conditions.  Trainees who receive Title 19 Waiver must attend with a caregiver or family member to assist them in farm tasks.  The Farm Trainee program will begin on Fridays in April 2024, expand to Wednesday – Friday in June, and continue through to October.  All previous trainees are invited to participate, and new applications will be accepted in March 2024.  

Please note: the RURAL Farm Trainee Program is not suitable for all individuals with disabilities. Contact HFC for more information on the requirements and see our other programs below to find out how you can participate at the farm center if the Farm Trainee program is not a good option for you.  

Sow & Grow Sustain

Families of HFC Farm Trainees receive baskets of healthy organically raised vegetables, with food staples and ingredients needed to make a entree.  This program puts good nutritional choices in the hands of our participants.  Sow & Grow Sustain also provides vegetables to our community members in need including deliveries to local food banks.  

Day at the Farm

 This program for individuals with disabilities and their families and caregivers takes place on the third Saturday of the months of March, April, September, October, November, and December.  Participants learn a homesteading skill (past programs have featured bread baking, soap making, wood craft, weaving, and basket making), create a craft to take home, and spend an enjoyable day on the farm.  Check our home page for upcoming events and contact us at to register.  


Farm Tours and Workshops 

Schedule a visit to Homestead Farm Center for your special education class or organization.  Students will have an opportunity to work in the garden or greenhouse, interact with the HFC livestock including our sheep herd, chickens, rabbits, and miniature donkey, and enjoy a farm craft project.  Please note:  this program is designed for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Contact us for volunteer opportunities for other groups interested in coming out to the farm center.  



Harvest at Home

Open to individuals with developmental disabilities.  Apply to have Homestead Farm Center install a raised bed garden in your own backyard.  Participants receive the raised bed frame, soil, plants, and information on how to care for their garden.  This program depends on grant availability, contact HFC to find out more.